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Warcry Tray Pack Digital Download

Warcry Tray Pack Digital Download

Included in this tray pack are files for 3D printing War-Ganizer trays for Warcry.

There are an assortment of slide trays for GW based minis. These are the Version 2 slide trays that have a hinged door on the front that locks in the upright position to keep the minis from sliding out at an unwanted time. They print in place. Just slice and print.

There are trays for your tokens and cards. The card tray even has a recess in the top for your faction cards in toploaders. Don't worry there are versions for sleeved cards. Also a couple dashboards to keep track of your game rounds, victory points and slots for your dice!

And to round out this pack there are new Warcry Front and side panels.

Dont let the lack of pictures fool you there are over 60 files included in this pack. 

Print at 0.2 layer heights. No supports required. Happy Printing!


These files are for Personal Use ONLY. Do not share, distribute or sell in any way. 

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