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War-Ganizer Universal Tray Pack .STL Download

War-Ganizer Universal Tray Pack .STL Download

This is a Digital Download for the Universal Tray Pack for the War-Ganizer System.

These are basic Trays that can be used for whatever your creativity can conjure. Options are limitless. There are empty trays of various heights as well as divided trays. The trays can be cut in your slicer program to obtain a wall height of your choosing. Also included are Elastic Trays to hold odd shaped or large items. Designed to hold miniature of all shapes and sizes. There is a flat version as well as a deeper version (27mm) for larger items.

*Tip* Adhesive backed foam can be cut out and added for a soft floor of the tray. To add grip for items. Or a nice quiet place to roll dice!

The elastics shown and that work well are Sizes 33 and 64. Which can be found on amazon or wherever you can find rubber bands.

The spaces in the rack and carrier system are spaced by 15mm. So a tray that is 14mm tall is ideal if your looking to add a tray in the slot above. This is for efficiency to prevent obstructing a tray just above. (30mm - 29mm, 45mm-44mm, you get the picture).

Print Bed Size Minimum requirements: 226mm x 140mm.
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