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War-Ganizer Star Wars Legion Tray Pack - (STL Digital Download)

War-Ganizer Star Wars Legion Tray Pack - (STL Digital Download)

This is the Star Wars Legion Tray Pack STL Download for the War-Ganizer.

This Contains all the Tray options and Front Panels for the War-Ganizer. ** The Carriers are NOT included.**
Included in this pack are the SLTC Trays (Organizer Trays for tokens, dice, cards and tools), Star Wars Legion Locking Trays, Scoreboard Tray, Stacking Unit card Trays w/ folding legs, and a rubber band Sliding Tray for 27mm bases. This pack will give you all the currently available Star Wars Legion Trays for the war-ganizer system and the 4 faction Logo Front Panels for the Carriers.

This set contains all the War-Ganizer trays designed for Star Wars Legion.

Some of the trays could be used for other games and purposes. For example the dice and token trays can be used for any game I'm sure. The Card Tray can be used for any cards that are the same size as legion cards. The Card tray utilizes the dual card system found in the SLTC containers. They are compatible with sleeved cards.

Your legion storage and transport options with this system are almost limitless. take on the go whatever you need for any gaming event. Use this system in conjunction with the other war-ganizer trays to store and transport your wargaming gear.

There are some trays that require/May need magnets magnet size is 5mm x 3mm. They can be used in the scoreboard, stacking trays, and the lid for the card holder.

Printing Notes: Most of these trays print flat with a bed requirement of 225 x 140. All files are oriented for printing and do not require supports.

Recommended at 0.2mm layers with 10% infill.

**These files are for personal use ONLY. They are not to be shared, distributed or sold. **
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