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War-Ganizer MCP Tray Pack

War-Ganizer MCP Tray Pack

This is a Digital Download for the MCP War-Ganizer Trays.

This pack contains all the Marvel Crisis Protocol Trays designed to carry your MCP related game components. Also included with this pack is the Ender 3 Versions of the trays allowing you to print the trays flat with an ender 3 sized print bed. There are Tray supports that print separately that are glued in after to the tray. (Super glue works great) * Not all of the trays are printable on the Ender 3. Some of the tray designs will not allow for the Ender 3 mod. (rubber band trays, token basket tray do not have ender 3 versions)

And also the Locking Trays set for the MCP minis. If you need even more trays check out my shop for more War-Ganizer trays and options.

This set contains trays for top loader storage, token storage, tools storage, card storage and even some stackable top loader dashboards. Basically everything you may need to store or transport your game components.
Also included are the RB Slide Trays for mini transport. (rubber bands required - #64 rubber bands) They feature a slide in slot for the bases and use rubber bands to create sliding friction to hold the minis in the slot but still allow them to slide in and out of the tray. Tensioning the bands allow for more or less friction/holding strength.
Also included is a combo tray for dice and tokens. This features 2 smaller trays that slide into the main tray. It features 5 x 3 magnet holes for the lids and bottom of the trays to keep them secure. This was a design more for tournaments for only the necessary tokens required for your list.

Rounding it off with the token basket tray for custom tokens and the card organizer tray with dividers. Holds standard card size and is sleeve compatible.

The taller token trays and top loader tray can be cut using your slicer program to achieve a desired z height for them. This is useful for that extra bit of customization. The rack spacing is 15mm so if you want a tray that takes up one slot leaving the adjacent slot available than 14mm tall is recommended. For 2 slots 29mm and so on.

If you have any questions feel free to send me a message and I'll respond as quick as I can to assist.

Printing Notes: Most of these trays print flat with a bed requirement of 225 x 140. All files are oriented for printing and do not require supports.

Recommended at 0.2mm layers with 10% infill.

Happy Printing!

**These files are for personal use ONLY. They are not to be shared, distributed or sold. **

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