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War-Ganizer Magnetic Tray .STL Digital Download

War-Ganizer Magnetic Tray .STL Digital Download

Got magnets on your minis? Well lets get them in the War-Ganizer. This is the Digital Download for the Magnetic Trays.

Included are the files for printing your own magnetic trays. The Trays print flat and allow you to pause the print and add the Ferrous sheet and then resume the print and have the ferrous sheet inside the tray. The ferrous sheets are 0.75mm thick rubber steel sheets. If you are unable to source the sheets they can be purchased right here at They are pre cut to to the exact dimensions and are ready to drop in place! 

There are 2 files. One for print beds that can print in one piece with a length of 226mm and width of 140mm. The second is for Ender 3 beds with a size of 217mm x 140mm. The ender version has 2 pieces that glue in place after printed. so a little super glue is required. Making it possible to print the tray flat and still make the requirements needed to fit any of the War-Ganizer Products.

When printing you'll need to add a pause at 2.4mm to allow you to place the sheet, remove the adhesive back white cover material and then resume the print. This will give a nice sticky surface for the bridge to adhere to. When you order your sheets order them in the A4 size. This will allow you to cut the sheet to tray size and get 2 trays per one sheet with a small strip left over. The dimensions for the sheet are 135mm by 210mm (the width of an A4 sheet). So you just need to make 1 cut for your sheets. There is a 1.2mm gap where the sheet is placed allowing .45mm of room. Depending on your calibration and print settings there should be room for the sheet. Although it may be tight when its printing the bridge over top of the sheet. So be attentive and monitor the bridge and couple layers after the bridge to ensure there are no issues. Once complete, the 45 degree support pieces are tossed away. They are there to support the ferrous sheet during the print.

Print at .2mm layer height and a 10% infill.


**These are for personal use only. Do not Sell or redistribute the files in any way! Thank you.**

Ferrous sheets:

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