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War-Ganizer Dice Tray - Digital Download

War-Ganizer Dice Tray - Digital Download

Go Head to Head with the War-Ganizer Dice Tray. There are Side trackers to attach to the dice tray. 1 generic counter, 2 Shatterpoint specific trackers and 2 MCP Trackers.  There are inlays if you want the colored tray bottoms or use them as a template to cut out felt or foam to add a soft bottom for your dice.

All Files are oriented for printing. No Supports required. 

Recommended settings: .2mm layer height, 10% infill. 

Color Change or paint will work for your numbers.

 Bed requirements - 234mm x 146mm. Note that it should fit the Ender 3. The longest part should fit diagonally at a 45. 

These are for personal use only. Do Not Sell or redistribute.


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