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War-Ganizer 1.5 Mini Carrier Basic Set .STL Digital Download

War-Ganizer 1.5 Mini Carrier Basic Set .STL Digital Download

Got a 3D Printer? Need a way to transport your minis in a customizable carrier?? Well look no further!!

This is the War-Ganizer Mini Transport! Its compatible with all the War-Ganizer Trays. So if versatility is something you need this is it! Transport anything you need to with the War-Ganizer System.

This carrier was designed for the Ender 3 community as the original Carrier is too large. This Carrier Prints in pieces and is assembled. Glue may be required for piece of mind that the parts will not come apart and the logos require it. They interlock quite well as long as your printers settings are dialed in. The trays are designed to print flat * see bed requirements below. If you plan to only use universal trays then you could scale everything down to fit smaller print beds.

Files included in this set are all the files for the customizable carrier and the Universal Tray Pack. There are 3 different Front Panel options to choose from. A small minimal design. More complete coverage Medium Panel and the Full size Carrier Panels. A couple different options for the side and bottom panels and 2 different Rear panels.

And if that isn’t enough then pick up some additional War-Ganizer tray packs in my shop for added versatility.

If you have any questions that I have not answered here, please send me a message and I will respond as quick as I can to answer your questions. Stay tuned for additional packs for games such as MCP, Lord of the rings, Bolt Action and Much More!!!

Printing Notes:
Bed Requirement- (226x206)* There are larger prints but they are not a requirement to print and assemble a functional carrier. The large front panels are 233 x 206.

***** The universal trays dimensions are 225.7 x 140. They are designed to print flat. ******

Print with a higher infill percentage - I printed mine at 20% but feel free to beef it up depending on how sturdy you'd like it.
The Upper Cross Braces I added a modifier box to print the center section where the handle pin holes are at 100% infill. This just improves the strength for where the handle mounts. I also print the pins at 100% infill. All other specs are yours to choose.

*** These files are for personal use and are not for re-sale or for production. Do Not share or distribute the files. ***
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