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War-Ganizer 1.0 Carrier - STL Download

War-Ganizer 1.0 Carrier - STL Download

This is a Digital Download for the War-Ganizer Carrier.

Need a way to transport all your hobby gear and game stuff?

This is the Carrier for the War-Ganizer System. Take your Hobby stuff on the go. Paint, Minis, game components or whatever you'd like. This Download contains the files for the Carrier ONLY.
*Please Note* Transport Trays are Sold separately and can be found in my shop. There are a variety of tray packs available and New Packs will be added in the future as they are developed and released, so check back frequently for new gear for the War-Ganizer System. Also Sold Separately is a Storage Rack System that allows you to store your trays when not in use and be able to transfer them back and forth when needed to take on the go or keep organized at home.

***ATTENTION*** This is a larger sized print and requires a Print Bed Size of 210mm x 240mm x 150mm.

If you have an ender 3 it can be scaled down to 97%. The universal trays can also be scaled down. Any trays that have a specific dimension for say paint trays or bases will alter their sizes by said scale decrease. So it can be done but with limitations for future tray releases.

Files included: There are files for the Original Version of the War-Ganizer as seen in the photos and as well as the squared off version (flat Sides). There are 2 different front panels to choose from, a basic and one with the War-Ganizer Logo on the front. Also there is a Larger 300MM tall version for those of you with larger printers.(300mm x 240mm bed required).

Note* - The Handle mount is printed separately and is glued in after. Super Glue will do the trick. The handle pins are also glued in a dab in the counterbored hole. Id also recommend printing the pins at 100% infill for added strength. A heavy infill for the handle is also recommended 20+%. Can be printed with less than 1kg spool.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Happy printing.

Follow the progress and new products on my facebook Page. 3 Five Design. No
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