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The Asgardian Transport Container STL Download for Marvel Crisis Protocol

The Asgardian Transport Container STL Download for Marvel Crisis Protocol

Are You Worthy??

This is a Digital Download for the STL's to 3D Print the Mighty MCP Transport Container. Be the envy of your gaming community when you walk into your FLGS carrying this bad boy! You will no longer be a Nerd, for now you are a GOD!!

This container has a place for everything you need to play, minus your minis. The handle is 2 pieces that thread together to hold your range rulers. The handle threads into the lid. Under the lid is the dice tray and movement tool tray.
Below that is the token tray with ample spots to place all your Teams tokens. Large and small.
After that comes the Character Card tray. It will hold up to 20 Top loader cards. Now if you don't have top loaders then it will hold a lot more than 20.
And the final tray in the stack is the Card holder tray. This tray holds your round and point tracker template that comes with the core set as well as the priority token and 2 spots to hold any affiliation cards, team tactics cards, any cards you like. And if those two spots aren't enough for your cards then the last 2 pieces of this beauty are the 2 end caps that hold the whole package together, they have a spot for cards as well. Now you're probably gonna ask, Hey does it fit Sleeved cards?? Well yes it certainly does!!

All parts are oriented for which they probably will print best. No parts require supports, although you may want to use an enforcer for a little bit of support on the pommel where the strap hole is. And the end caps to shorten the bridging distance for the card holder. I printed without supports but its your baby so print how you like. I use 0.2mm layers with 10% infill with 2 perimeters. A brim is recommended for the larger tray pieces due to the absolute must of having little to no warping. I'd start with the character card tray as it has the least amount of filament required to dial in your printer and see how your warpage is.

The trays are designed to have magnets to help hold them all together when assembling. The magnet size required is 5mmx3mm. Any source to purchase magnets should work. N52 Strength is preferred. Although this container I have designed the end caps to do most of the work so magnets may not be entirely needed. The end caps fit snug but will wear in with use. Making them easier to remove the more they are used. Sand to your liking if you like or need to. Lastly there are holes for magnets and there are holes for pins to help keep it all together. not all holes need magnets. the large trays require magnets in the outside 4 holes. You can determine where the magnets will go by looking at the top side of the trays where the pins are located. Don't put pins in the holes in the bottom of the tray where the pins from the tray below it should go. (just a heads up as the magnets will be a pain to remove once glued in.) The lid has 2 magnets in the center and 4 pins on the outside edges. there are 8 magnets for the end caps. 42 magnets in total. order 50. lol Last but not least the bottom cap is just glued in place and has a locating hole.

I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did creating it. Enjoy!!!

Minimum bed size 200 x 200. Filament required = roughly (1) 1kg spool.

Files included:
- Bottom Cap
- Card Tray
- Character Card Tray
- Token Tray
- Dice Tray
- Lid
- End Cap w/ Card holder
- Lower Handle
- Upper Handle
- Upper Handle w/ slightly smaller pommel
- Upper Handle w/ 90 degree pommel

- and of course the 3 five design
Magnet polarity install handle (Print 2 in different colors. glue in a magnet in the end of each handle so the handles pull together. Then use one color to install the magnets for the topside and the other color to install the magnets for the underside of the trays.)
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