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Star Wars Shatterpoint Tray Pack - Digital Download

Star Wars Shatterpoint Tray Pack - Digital Download

It's finally here! The Shatterpoint Tray Pack .stls are ready for your squads to get a cozy safe home! 

In this set there are card organizer trays for your character cards and your tarot sized cards. With plenty of room for sleeves and top loaders. A token tray with removable dice tray for a single set or double set of dice. 3 New slide trays for your minis and a universal Basket tray for custom tokens or anything you'd need it for. 

Also included is a rear panel attachment for the 2.0 to store your range tools and struggle tracker. plus a version that will hold the rule book as well if wanted. 

And like all my tray packs there are some new front panel options and side panel goodies. 

Printing instructions/requirements:

.2mm or .1mm layer height, 10% infill

Bed size - 232x226 This can be printed on an ender 3 with some adjusments and fine tuning. The 3 Five Design discord channel has many E3 users that love to help out and share their experience.

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