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Star Wars Legion Stackable Unit Tray w/ Folding Legs .STL Download

Star Wars Legion Stackable Unit Tray w/ Folding Legs .STL Download

These are a Stackable Trays to hold your unit cards and loadouts for Star Wars Legion. Print as many as you need to take your Army on the Go and have your lists ready for the table top. There are single unit trays as well as double unit trays. Each tray has 2 spots for tapping your exhaustible cards. Load your trays before heading out for game day and be ready as soon as you arrive. Each unit tray has 2 folding legs on the underside of the tray. This helps eliminate overhead lighting glare. It also just looks cool!

At the top of the tray there is a narrow slot for placement of additional cards. This makes it easy to store your supply drop cards and any additional upgrades if 4 spots isn't enough for that unit. Once you have the trays you need there are lids as well as a bottom tray that holds your command deck and battle deck as well as securing all the cards inside for easy transport when stacked.

And Yes these will hold your sleeved cards. But incase you need to know beforehand, the Unit card slot dimensions are 94mm x 68mm and the upgrade card slot dimensions are 46mm x 68mm. Should be plenty of room. The card slots are also 2mm deep. And overall dimensions of the trays are 170mm x 155mm.

Uses 5mmx2mm or 5mmx3mm magnets. I recommend 5x3. NOTE: The lids ONLY use 5x2 magnets.

If you crave organization and wish to decrease setup/prep time before game time then this is for you! And if you require more organization then check out my other organizers on my store.

Any Questions please send me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

**Update** I have added a Textured bed version for all the trays with folding legs. I increased the spacing to allow for more squish of the first layer needed for textured beds.

The files in this set include:

- Single Unit Tray (5x3 magnet and textured bed versions included)
- Double Unit Tray (5x3 magnet and textured bed versions included)
- Bottom Tray for battle deck and command cards (5x3 magnet version included)
- Plain Lid
- ALL 4 Faction Logo Lids ( Flush and Raised )
- 5mm Magnet Installer Handles (Print 2 handles. each a different color and glue magnet into handle so the two handles snap together. one is to install magnet in top the other for the bottom. this keeps the polarity in the right direction.)

After printing the trays use something to pry up the legs to unsnap them, small flat screwdriver works well. Recommend .02mm layer height and 10% infill.

Note: The raised Lid versions are for printing the lids logo in a different color by doing a filament change or if you just want the logo to stand out more.
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