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Star Wars Legion Observation Station Terrain .STL Download

Star Wars Legion Observation Station Terrain .STL Download

Update October 8, 2021:
Added resin printer files: supported and non-supported. Requires a print bed size of 115x65x155.
Also included are modded seats and seat posts for cutting off the posts of an already printed station and adding modded posts for the Dark Fire designs Observations station Troopers. You can find the troopers available for download on Dark fire designs gumroad store.

Long awaited is the Republic Observation Station. I personally have been wanting this feature for my game board ever since they announced GAR and CIS for star wars legion. If you're a STAR WARS fan you know what this is and how much you need it! lol

Great terrain feature for objectives and cover for your squads. The fuel containers that go with it will make great line of sight blocking terrain. scale them up or down to fit your desires. The other containers are great for printing multiples of and stacking them in different arrangements for excellent barricades. The station is large enough to fit a squad inside to keep them in cover. Enjoy!

May The Force Be With You!

Files Included:
- Observation Station
- Ramp with support (support is just a small angled block to glue to the bottom of the ramp if you wish to leave your ramps un-glued from the main base. )
- Ramp
- Ramp Support
- Rear Outrigger (Glues onto the bottom of the rear mid section) see complete file
- Feet
- Control Seats
- Dish (Glues onto upright at top of instrument cluster) see complete file
- Republic Barrel
- Republic Crate 1
- Republic Crate 2
- Republic Fuel Container
- Observation Station Complete

Recommend printing at .1mm layer height. (lots of small details). No supports are needed for any of the files. All files are in the correct orientation for printing. All parts were tested on a Prusa MK3s.
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