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S-15 Terrain Pack for Star Wars Legion/Sci-fi Terrain 1:48 scale .STLs **DOWNLOAD**

S-15 Terrain Pack for Star Wars Legion/Sci-fi Terrain 1:48 scale .STLs **DOWNLOAD**

This is the S-15 Terrain Pack for DOWNLOAD. Its a bundle of all the S-15 terrain. Bundle it and Save over $25.00 CAD.
It Contains the Files for:

- S-15 Armored Bunker
- S-15 Platforms and Walkways
- S-15 Bridge
- Palm Tree and Area Terrain Base
- S-15 Landing Pad Tiles and Scatter
- S-15 Sensor Array Objective Marker/Vap Substitute

If You'd Like to see more pics of the pieces head over to 3 Five Design on facebook.

Everything can be FDM Printed. But the smaller scatter pieces and sensor array are designed for resin printing. Some Super glue is needed for some assembly.

-The armored bunker is close to scale. It is around 18" wide by 15" long. If that is too big for your board or you just want it as a board edge piece it can be printed in half. The print is designed for a Prusa MK3 print bed. if your print bed is smaller it can be scaled down. Ender 3 bed I think needs to be reduced to 96%. Largest Print is 226x181x138.

-The Landing Platform and walkways are modular and can clip together. There are modular walk way pieces and stairs for the tall pillars and short pillars.

- The bride uses the same clip design as the platforms. Side Brace pieces require glue.

-Palm tree requires a heat gun or similar source of heat to allow the leaves to be shaped to a more organic feel. Comes with a base and an area base for 2 trees. one at 100% and a second at 75%. I have not test printed below 75%.

- S-15 landing pad tiles and scatter have a bunch of crates, generator, couple sensor pieces , and a barricade. Mainly suited for resin printing although some will be ok for fdm printing. its the antennas that may be the issue. The Landing Pad tiles are for FDM printing.

- The Sensor array is a piece that I did as a substitute for Moisture vaps and objective markers. The large rim at the base is around 35mm in diameter but the diameter of the inner main body is the same as a token/base.

Hope you like these pieces. There are more S-15 Themed pieces coming in the future. Stay Tuned.

**Do Not Share These Files**
** These files are for personal 3D Printing Use only**
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