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S-15 Armored Bunker .STL Download

S-15 Armored Bunker .STL Download

Update: October 25, 2021 - Files update for missing front (R&L) Roof .stls added.

This is the Download for the S-15 Armored Bunker.

The armored bunker is close to scale. It is around 18" wide by 15" long. If that is too big for your board or you just want it as a board edge piece it can be printed in half. The print is designed for a Prusa MK3 print bed. if your print bed is smaller it can be scaled down. Ender 3 bed I think needs to be reduced to 96%. Largest Print is 226x181x138.

Has Functioning Front and Rear Doors. The Roof has Keys to connect the roof sections. So the roof can be removed during gameplay. fully detailed interior.
Some glue is required.

Test print was printed at .2 layers with 7% infill. No Supports are required. The numbers in brackets in the files are the quantity needed of that part.

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