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P1-D Dashboard for Nemesis .STL DOWNLOAD

P1-D Dashboard for Nemesis .STL DOWNLOAD

Do your need a dashboard to keep your cards organized so you can focus on the game instead of "where did I put my ******** CARDS??!"
Do you need a taste of the 80's nostalgia to make it feel right?? Do you Have a 3D Printer??

This is an STL DOWNLOAD for the P1-D Dashboard to use with the Nemesis board game.**** Purchase of this Download is a Final Sale and non-refundable.*****

It is a 3 piece deluxe dashboard. There are Some Bells and whistles with this thing. It has spaces and card slots for all the cards when playing Nemesis. Keeps things organized and ready to use. No more accidentally mixing up your discard pile and active actions deck. slots for your upgrades and card slots for heavy items. All 3 panels have a narrow card slot a the top of the panel for item cards or any other cards you wish to place up top. Maybe your Pass card to show your fellow gamers when you've passed.

To display which player number you are there are 5 disks that have a slot to drop into on the actions panel. And a slot on the rear to display your player number during gameplay. And on the opposite side of the dashboard there is spots to place the wound, signal and slime markers.

Last but not least your character card sits upright in the center Panel.

The dashboard is 175mm's Tall and spans 433mm's Left to right. And only needs 150mm's of table edge. Slots may not be large enough for sleeved cards. But fit cards without sleeves.

***UPDATE**** May 29, 2021. Added a Second Version that works for sleeved Cards.

It has holes on the outside edges for 5x3mm magnets to snap the outside panels together. I used N52 strength for an extra Strong hold. I can pick it up in one piece by holding the center panel.

The Largest Print is the Center Panel and its dimensions are 245mm x 155mm x 175mm. Mine fits on a Prusa Mk3s. ****Check your print bed size***

Files included:

-Center Panel
-Action Panel
-Discard Panel
-Disk(s) 1-5

Any Questions feel free to send a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
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