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Marvel United Tray Pack - .STL Digital Download

Marvel United Tray Pack - .STL Digital Download

Marvel United tray pack if finally here!!  

       In this Tray Pack you'll get the Marvel united mini slide tray. This will hold up to 24 minis. Use multiple trays and the War-Ganizer Carriers to store your minis or use with the other trays in this pack to load your game components and head out the door. 

   The other trays and rear panel allow the storage of cards with or without sleeves. With dividers for organization. A token tray to store all your tokens needed for your game night. And a new War-Ganizer 2.0 rear panel for the storage of the other large cards. (Location, Villain)

Print bed requirements : 235mm x 235mm

                                        0.2 Layer Height

                                        10% Infill

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