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KC SLTC for Star Wars Legion .STL Download

KC SLTC for Star Wars Legion .STL Download

This is an All-in-One Star Wars Legion Transport Container. Carry almost everything you need when going out to play Legion. It holds your tokens, movement tools, range rulers, activation tokens, silhouette, your dice and even has a place to roll your dice in the dice tray. There is extra space to throw in some other items as you choose in the command token tray. This dice tray holds 9 of each dice type. But the additional part is that it doubles as a dash board. This has got to be my favorite container yet. I just love the look of it.

It's a great way too keep your stuff organized. The Token tray has 2 versions. The standard version or the basket style. For the players that need the option for custom tokens and versatility. The tools tray will hold 20 poker chip style command tokens under 40mm in diameter. There is also a version for coin capsules as well. Not sure how many it will hold. if my measurements are correct I think 10-12.

The container is designed to use 5x3 N52 magnets.

May the force be with you!

For print bed size required- The largest piece is 210x142.

The crate dimensions when assembled are 240mm x 135mm x 100mm.

**Update** I have added pins to the dice tray to secure the end caps better. Glue the pins into the 6mm holes on the ends of the dice tray. Use super glue.

Included files:
- Plain Lid
-Dashboard Lid
-Tools Tray
-Dice Tray
-Token Tray
-Token Basket Tray
-Token Basket - (Print 2)
-Dice Basket
-Command Token Tray
-Command Token Tray for Fifth Trooper Tokens
-Command Token Tray for coin caps
-Blue End
-Red End
-3 Five Designs Silhouette
-Magnet Install Handles (print 2 in different colors, glue magnets into the handles so the magnets pull handles together, use one color handle to put magnets inside top holes of tray and use the other color handle to put in bottom side of tray)

Recommend: Print at 0.2mm with 10%-15% infill. Print the Dashboard at .15mm or lower with supports for best results. Happy Printing.
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