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KC Card Organizer .STL download

KC Card Organizer .STL download

Need a place to store and organize your cards? Then you've found the right place. Want your organizer to do more than just store cards? Then you're in luck because this organizer also doubles as a dashboard for Star Wars Legion. There is a place for your command cards, round counter and victory point tokens to keep score.

There are 10 files included in this file set.
- Card holder
- Card holder V2 with Pins
- Card holder lid
- Dashboard
- Red end
- Red End V2
- Blue End V2
- Blue end
- Card divider
- Magnet polarity install handles

**UPDATE** I have Added the Version 2 files with pins. If you downloaded this and would like the files please message me and I will email them to you.**

There are 19 spaces for the card dividers in the storage space. More than enough room to store more than 1 armies worth. The space is also large enough for card sleeves. This container uses 5mm x 3mm magnets. For a total of 56 magnets.
The dashboard and card holder lid do require supports when printing, unless your printers bridging is super dialed in. I recommend using support enforcers/blockers to make sure that the magnet holes don't print with supports. It can mess up the depth required for the magnet. Recommend 10-15% infill. The container in the pictures was printed at .15mm layer height. use the polarity handles to glue magnets in the end so the handles pull together. this will help with installing the magnets with correct polarity.

If there are any issues please message me so that i can help solve the problem.
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