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Imperial SLTC Mini for Star Wars Legion .STL Download

Imperial SLTC Mini for Star Wars Legion .STL Download

This is an Imperial Mini version of my All-in-One Star Wars Legion Transport Container. That being said to accomplish the smaller size I had to make some cut backs. It holds your tokens, movement tools, activation tokens, and your dice. The token tray will hold 15 cardboard tokens in each stack of the token tray. There is additional token stacks in the tools tray. This thing holds a ton of tokens. It will hold a dozen of each dice type in the dice tray. Will hold more than 20 poker chip style activation tokens. There is a coin cap version as well that will hold a dozen coin capsules. The bottom tray holds the round counter, command token and 8 deployment tokens.

This is a mini version so there were some sacrifices made. Sadly I could not fit range rulers, cards or my silhouette into this one. So if you prefer your cards in other storage options then this is the container for you.

The container is designed to use 5x3 N52 magnets. Any 5x3 magnet should work. but I recommend N52 strength.

May the force be with you!

The crate dimensions when assembled are 116mm x 116mm x 117mm.

Included files:
- Lid
-Token Tray
-Dice Tray
-Tools Tray Standard
-Tools Tray for TFT Activation tokens
-Tools Tray for Coin caps
-Bottom Tray
-Magnet Install Handles (print 2 in different colors, glue magnets into the handles so the magnets pull handles together, use one color handle to put magnets inside top holes of tray and use the other color handle to put in bottom side of tray)

Recommend: Print at 0.2mm with 10%-15% infill. No supports should be needed.
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