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Hardpoint Organizer for Star Wars Legion - DSD1

Hardpoint Organizer for Star Wars Legion - DSD1

These are STL Downloads for the DSD1 Hardpoint Organizer.

Have you magnetized your DSD1 Spider droids and need a place to store your Hardpoints?
This organizer will do the job. it holds the laser cannon and ion cannon inside the base. It also has two inserts to print and glue to the underside of the FFG base to locate the magnets.

The bottom of the container has 3 holes for magnets as well. This will allow you to use them with a magnetic tray.
Like all 3 Five Designs they use 5x3mm magnets. The magnets for under the base of the model should probably be 5x2 due to the fact that the 5x3's are slightly too large for under the base.
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