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Hammer of the Gods STL Download

Hammer of the Gods STL Download

This is a Digital Download for a Prop Hammer. Of a certain God of a certain Norse Background! lol You know whos it is!
This is a Prop Version of my Asgardian Transport Container for Marvel Crisis Protocol.

This Prints in 6 pieces and requires a little bit of super glue for assembly. Great as a kids toy or costume prop. Has a channel in the pommel to add a leather strap. The handle prints in 2 pieces and threads together. The handle also threads into hammer head. which allows for disassembly for putting in a backpack or for storage. The main hammer body prints in one piece and the end caps print separately and have alignment pins and need to be glued in place. No supports are required for this print. Although you could add some in a few areas if your printers overhang and bridging ability is lacking. Possibly on the channel of the pommel.

The Largest piece is 190x135x135mm's. The tallest piece is 177mm. If your printer can handle those pieces your good.

Print setting will depend on the strength and finish you are looking for. I printed it at 0.2mm layers with 10% rectilinear infill. Uses less than 1kg of material.

Files Included:
-Main Hammer Body
-End Cap
-Lower Handle
-Handle w/ Pommel
-Bottom Cap
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