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GAR Shipping Container for Star Wars Legion .STL Download

GAR Shipping Container for Star Wars Legion .STL Download

This is a Digital Download for the GAR Shipping Container .STL's.

Included in this download are the files to print a Star Wars Legion scale Shipping Container. Great For any Clone wars era terrain. Like Geonosis, Felucia and Kashyyyk. This will be a great addition for the Clone wars era Scatter set that can be found in my shop.

This container Features fully functioning doors to allow for more immersive gameplay allowing miniatures to be placed inside and or pass through the interior. As well as a great LOS blocking piece of terrain. Print a few and stack them for even larger LOS blockers.

The Top is printed separately and has built in supports for the sloped top. So no supports are required. The files are oriented for printing. The bracketed numbers are for the required amount of pieces need to print a complete container. The doors have ball joints and just pop into place. easy to assemble. A small amount of super glue will be needed for the top panels.

If you have any questions please reach out and I'll gladly answer any questions you may need answered.
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