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Folding Card Holders for Nemesis Board Game .STL DOWNLOAD

Folding Card Holders for Nemesis Board Game .STL DOWNLOAD

***This is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD for 3D Printing All sales are FINAL and NON-REFUNDABLE***

These are Folding Card Holders for the Nemesis board game although they could be used for other games if chosen to.
The dimensions for the holders are as follows. The large card holders are 94mm x 72mm x 20mm. The crafted Items holders are 72mm x 48mm x 20mm. The Item deck Holders are 72mm x 48mm x 25mm. They were designed to work for sleeved cards.

They print in 2 pieces and snap together. The front door folds up and down to make it easy for discarding cards into the base Tray. This allows for quick and easy setup and and tear down when playing the game. The outsides of the base have holes for magnets. Install them with the right polarities from left to right sides and this will allow the trays to be organized in any order. The magnets needed are 5x3mm. I use N52 Strength to ensure a strong hold. Any 5x3 magnet should work.

Recommended Settings: 0.2mm layer height, 10% infill. Layer heights can be reduced. all testing was printed at .2 layers.

Files Included:
-Large Holder Base
-Large Holder Body
-Items Holder Base
-Items Holder Body
-Crafted Items Base
-Crafted Items Body
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