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CIS SLTC for Star Wars Legion .STL Download

CIS SLTC for Star Wars Legion .STL Download

**Update February 19, 2021**
I have added a new file set for the redesigned pieces for this container. The new files are titled CIS SLTC and the originals are Separatist SLTC. All the redesigned trays use 5x3 magnets. The new components will work with the original files . It still has the same magnet pattern. If you have already purchased this container and would like the new storage tray and token tray they will be included with the carrier as well as a few other upgrades. Sold separately.
As for what's new.....
-New Card Storage tray that uses the All new card divider as well as the New dual system that allows a choice of organizing the unit/command cards or the upgrade cards.
-The token Tray now has space for 8 range rulers
-The token tray now has the basket option that the other SLTC's have
-Dice Tray has 3mm extra spacing to allow for a foam or felt bottom to be glued inside or with an adhesive backed padding
-Updated hole sizing for better magnet installation
- Token tray option that allows for multi color printing. the buttons for the outside of the tray can print separately and then be glued in after.

Note: The Pics of the redesigned container are the Olive green Container.

These new files and the originals all will work with the new Carrier that is also available for the CIS SLTC. It can be found in my other listings.

This is an All-in-One Star Wars Legion Transport Container. Carry almost everything you need when going out to play Legion. It holds your tokens, movement tools, upgrade cards, range finder, activation tokens, silhouette, your dice and even has a place to roll your dice in the dice tray. There is extra space to throw in some other items as you choose. The container is designed to use 5mm x 2mm rare earth magnets. The holes in each section hold 2 magnets so you can double up on holding power. So in total you’ll need 176 magnets. I used cheap N35 magnets from amazon. That’s why I doubled up. Its a great way too keep your stuff organized. I designed this container because i got tired of trying to reorganize my cards in a binder every time a new expansion is released. Which is often. This allows me to add my upgrade cards to an organizer quick and easily. The Tools tray has 2 versions for the guys that like the coin capsules. The standard version is suitable for any token under 40mm in diameter. Standard poker chips are 39mm. Hope You Like It!!

May the force be with you!

Included files:
-Token Tray Lid
-Token Tray
-Dice Tray
-Dice Tray for 200mm x 200mm Beds
-Dice Holder/Organizer
-Card Storage Lid
-Card Storage Tray
-Card Storage Dividers
-Standard Tools Tray
-Coin Capsules Tool Tray
-3 Five Designs Silhouette
-Magnet Install Handles (print 2 in different colors, glue magnets into the handles so the magnets pull handles together, use one color handle to put magnets inside top holes of tray and use the other color handle to put in bottom side of tray)

Recommend: Print at 0.2mm with 10%-15% infill. Happy Printing.

**Updated and added a second Upgrade Card Storage Lid for Sleeved cards and corrected the spelling mistake on the Personnel spot on the Upgrade card holder.
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