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CIS SLTC Carrier and Upgrades for Star Wars Legion .STL Download

CIS SLTC Carrier and Upgrades for Star Wars Legion .STL Download

This is the All New CIS Carrier for the CIS SLTC. This Download is for the Carrier and Redesigned files for the SLTC as well as a few additional upgrade parts.

The carrier has an easy to use clip design for easy assembly and makes it easy to transport your organizer wherever it needs to go. It has a rigid handle design as well as a folding handle design. There are clip loops if you wish to add a shoulder strap as well.

As for the Upgrades there are the new redesigned Card storage with the new Dual System that allows the 2 outside card slots to store upgrade cards or unit/command cards. Also included are the new redesigned card dividers that give a cleaner look and better visual card identification. On top of that there is the new token basket tray that offers the versatility of allow the user to add any token they choose. The dice tray offers an additional 3mm inside to allow room under the dice basket for a foam or felt insert to reduce dice rolling noise. Last but not least there is a version of the Token tray that allows for color printing. The outside buttons can be printed separately and glued in place. ( ALL NEW TRAYS USE 5X3MM MAGNETS! )

Also included is the new alternate storage tray that substitutes for the card storage. It allows for two 35mm deep baskets to store whatever you need. It will hold all the vital assets and priority supplies along with 4 barricades.

**Note: This file set does not include all the pieces for the CIS SLTC. The complete set must still be purchased separately.**

There are also some Extra files that include lids with all 4 faction logos and some extra basket trays with varying slot quantities.

So if you already own the Separatist SLTC this upgrade pack is a must have!

Recommend .2 layers with 20-25% infill.

****UPDATE April 13, 2021**** Added the alternate storage tray and baskets for an alternative storage instead of the card storage.
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