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Carrier for Imperial and Rebel SLTC and SLTC Mini .STL Download

Carrier for Imperial and Rebel SLTC and SLTC Mini .STL Download

This is an .STL Download for the SLTC Carrier for the Imperial SLTC and SLTC Minis.

**Imperial SLTC files are NOT included**

A great way to transport your container in a safe way! This provides a handle and attachment points for a shoulder strap. Easy clip together design makes it quick and easy to use.

Assembled dimensions are 200x200x243mm.

Files included for both SLTC and SLTC Mini:

-Carrier Base
-Carrier Handle
-Carrier Side Clips (print 4)
-Carrier Folding Handle -Base, Pins, and handle

Recommended printing: 0.2 layers 20-25% infill. Supports are recommended for the handle print. I used a support enforcer for the center section to reduce the bridging distance. Other parts are support free. The clips will have a tight fit at first until they get worked in. If they are too tight you will need a small file to widen the holes slightly to achieve a nice sliding fit for the clips. Careful not to file them too much as the clip may fall out when carrying. Some types of filament may be too brittle to be the clip parts. They need some flexibility.

**Update Jan 22, 2021** - Added files for the Mini version.
**Update Feb 15, 2021** - If printing for the Imperial Mini- Scale the SLTC carrier to 67%
**Update Mar 1, 2021** - Added the Folding handle files and the new dividers
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