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Board Game Doors .STL Digital Download

Board Game Doors .STL Digital Download

This is a Digital Download for the files to 3D print.

Included in this set are the files to Print your own Doors for your favorite Board games. I designed them specifically for Resident Evil 3 The board game, but I'm sure they could be used for other games as well.

The Doors print in 3 pieces and then push fit together. (There may be some that require a little super glue to keep the frame attached. This will depend on print settings and quality of your printer. ) For the most part the ones I printed I haven't glued.
There are 2 bases for the doors (with and without a card or barricade holder). There are 4 different door styles to choose from. The doors function to be closed or in open positions.

Also included are Archways and barricades. The barricades simply side into place and are removable just like a card. The barricades can be used on both the doors and the archways.

All files are Oriented for printing. No supports are required. Can be printed in FDM or Resin.


These files are for personal use only. DO NOT share them or distribute them.
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