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Battletech Tray Pack - .STL Digital Downlad

Battletech Tray Pack - .STL Digital Downlad

Battletech is finally here!

Included with this pack are trays (magnet hole tray, slide trays, token basket tray, card and dice tray) and all the flavour to pimp out your war-ganizers including a Battletech themed book holder! 

Also featured is the New Version 2 Locking Tray. 

There is a test download with the largest items that need to be printed flat. Try ‘em out it’s free!

Printing Recommendations:

Layer height- 0.2mm

Infill 10% 

nozzle 0.4mm

All Files are pre-oriented for printing. 

These files are for personal use only and not for distribution or re-sale! 




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