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3D Printable 1:48 scale palm tree .STL Download

3D Printable 1:48 scale palm tree .STL Download

This is the Download for a 3D printable palm tree. Its designed to use a heat gun to shape the leaves into a more organic look. Uses very little filament and looks great when complete. If you use the right colors of filament you may not even need to paint them.

files included are the trunk and all the palm leaf parts. The main leaves print in stackable sections and have marks for section 2 and 3. the forth stack has cutouts for adding 6 leaves in a vertical orientation to heat and fold down to fill out the top. the first section has no marking. Also included is a base and an area terrain base. The area terrain base has a pin location for a tree at 100% scale and 75% scale. Respectively the tree parts can be scaled up and down. At 100% the tree is roughly 15" tall. I couldn't find any large scale palms for a terrain board I'm building so I designed my own. The files were designed to fit on a Prusa MK3 printer. but should also print on ender 3's. I have not tested this below 75%. Not sure how low it can be scaled down.

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